Life Groups

Purpose: They provide a place for deeper connection which often serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth! We have designated groups available for couples (children are welcome to join in!) and singles, (youth, young adults), as well as diverse groups that are a wonderful mixture of both!

Schedule: Each group meets regularly on the day of their choosing, in most cases this will be every other week. Life Groups run from January-May and take June off for the summer break, before resuming from July-November, and taking December off for the holiday break. January and July are usually the best times to get involved in a Life Group as new groups will typically be forming during that time.

Location: Life Groups usually meet in homes to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Groups are often hosted in the homes of the group leaders, however, anyone who loves to host can open their home as a meeting place!

You can join or start a group today!

Simply click the link below and you will be directed to a page with a listing of all our open groups and details about each group. You can join a group or simply browse if you want to find out more.

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Life Groups Invitation // Levi and Katelyn // Life Groups Pastors


Life Group Leader Invitation // Steven and Levi

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