You were created to live with a heart fully awakened to the glory of God!
You were made to experience a meaningful sense of purpose in your everyday life!

Here’s the good news: the One who made you wants to take you on a journey. A journey of encountering His Presence and the reason for which you exist.

Are you ready to take your next step?

If so, we want to invite you to the Branch Discipleship School, where you can experience a season of consecration, community, and life transformation. More than anything our prayer for you is the same as Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:18“And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.”

This school is for all those who are looking to grow in their relationship with Christ, regardless of age, gender, or stage of life. Whether you are single or married, with or without children. Childcare arrangements will be made during classroom sessions for parents with young children.  

The 2023 Branch Discipleship School is currently in session, therefore registration is closed.

Please check back here in June of this year for the 2024 school registration, in the meantime, you can get an idea of what the school is like by reading through the details below!



  • Consecration: Embrace a lifestyle of consecration during entire season, including daily devotions, a media fast, required reading, etc.
  • Missional: Weekly action steps based upon that week’s teaching.
  • Prayer & Fasting: Participate in times of corporate prayer and fasting.
  • Personal Mentor: A personal mentor will be assigned to you during the school.


  • Impact Team: Serve on a Branch Community Impact Team (event volunteer).
  • Life Group: Lead, co-lead, or participate in a Branch Community Life Group.
  • Missions Trip: Participate on a mission trip 1-2 weeks in length.
  • Community Outreach: You’ll engage in community outreach in a variety of ways from serving the poor to street evangelism to serving local ministries.
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Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday: Life Group or Ministry Night.
  • Monday – Thursday: Engage your sphere of influence! (school, workplace, family, community).
  • Friday: In class all day – see course syllabus below.
  • Saturday: Rest and Recreation – some weeks may include a community outreach.
  • Prayer Room: 4 hours per week – either Branch Community Prayer Room, Gateway House of Prayer, or EastGate House of Prayer.

Typical Friday Schedule (8 AM – 4 PM)
(this is an approximate schedule and will flex as needed throughout the school!) 

  • 8 – 9:30: Teaching
  • 9:30 -10:00: Break
  • 10:00 – 12:00: Teaching
  • 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch
  • 1 – 4: Activation and community outreach. Opportunities for you to put into practice what you are learning in the classroom!
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Course Syllabus
Upon completion of this course each student will be equipped in the following areas:

  • Experientially knowing the foundational love of God.
  • Established in their identity “in Christ”.
  • Interact with Holy Spirit and move in the gifts of the Spirit.
  • A Biblical worldview shaped by scripture.
  • A vibrant, personal, prayer and devotional life.
  • Living with a “whole heart” and experiencing freedom and healing from past hurts.
  • Equipped to share the gospel and make disciples.
  • Personal development in areas of natural and spiritual gifting.
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Teaching Topics
Teaching will be done by a combination of guest speakers and in house speakers.

Week 1: Orientation and Introductions (January 6)
Week 2: The Father Heart of God
Week 3: The Sufficiency of Jesus Christ
Week 4: Encountering the Holy Spirit
Week 5: Engaging God’s Word
Week 6: Healing and Transformation
Week 7: The Consecrated Life
Week 8: Worship & Prayer
Week 9: Spiritual Gifts
Week 10: Great Commission
Week 11: Revival and Awakening
Week 12: Mission Trip (one or two weeks)
Week 13: Mission Trip Return and Debrief
Week 14: Biblical Worldview
Week 15: Becoming A Disciple Maker
Week 16: Celebration and Graduation

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