We are passionate about seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetimes! There are still millions who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and we see this as the greatest possible injustice a human being could be subjected to. To never have an opportunity to respond to the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ or to walk in a relationship with Him is a great wrong that must be made right. To this end, we are developing multiple relationships and opportunities to send and be sent onto the field. As a local church body, we are committed to maintaining a missional focus and standing with and supporting those who are called to go. Our heart is to see our missionaries thrive and bear fruit in their mission field. Thank you for joining us in this work!

Jason and Amanda Stoltzfus

Serving in Haiti since 2010. Click this link to support financially: Support Jason and Amanda

“We’ve been serving in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010. We love the Haitian people and our greatest witness to them is simply representing God’s heart for a family in the midst of their culture. We’re also involved in construction projects, relief work, and youth outreach. We have a passion to provide sustainable resources to the Haitian people and we manage a farm and fishing boat for that purpose.”

John and Stella Esh

Serving in Uganda since 2019. Support John and Stella

“We are currently serving with Love and Care Children’s Home in Masaka, Uganda. We also have a vision to start a mechanic shop in the area that would provide jobs and opportunities for local youth. Right now, we are sponsoring several children from the Children’s Home with plans to adopt in the future.”

Sarah Stoltzfus

Serving in Uganda since 2018. Support Sarah

“I serve alongside Love and Care, which is a children’s home with about 100 kids from off the street. I keep 5 kids at my house usually. My long-term vision would be to adopt and help Love and Care with many more babies.”


David Schmucker

Serving with Chazak Rescue. Support David

Hey Friends. I’m so excited to see you here, whether it be the first time or the 50th. Your support always inspires and encourages me to continue in this journey. Thank you for following along in my adventure. For those who know little about me or are interested in learning more about what it is that I do, welcome. In August of 2021, I received my private helicopter license after training weekends for about 1.5 years. This is only the beginning of my story, and you’ll hear more about that later. In September 2021, I joined Chazak Rescue, a faith-based organization that trains and deploys specialized teams to bring leadership, humanitarian aid, and hope to warzones and high risk areas. After two years of training, I am now stepping into nearly 10 months of full-time deployment with them. Although I will not be overseas this entire period, I will be on-call fulltime and ready to respond. I am planning on working with them until the fall of 2025, which is when I will transition to a two-year aviation school to complete my aviation training. After that, I am planning on working overseas as a missionary pilot for 5-10 years. The future is unknown, and I can only trust God in the meanwhile. I know that He has the future in His Hands. I have been part of the Branch for about 8 months now, and I am excited for what God is doing in this community, in Lancaster County, and in the world. Much love.


YWAM Lancaster Partnership

We are honored to partner with YWAM Lancaster and so grateful for their presence in this region!  YWAM Lancaster has one mission – to help you boldly take the gospel to all nations and fulfill the Great Commission while being radically in love with Jesus. Several of YWAM Lancaster’s staff members count Branch as their sending church and we want to highlight them here! You can click on their pictures to be directed to each missionary’s bio on the YWAM website. We encourage our congregation to support these missionaries through both prayer and financial resources and we count it a joy to partner with them in their mission!



Eli Stoltzfus

Micah and Anna Necela

John King