Renovation Fundraiser

I am excited about the opportunity that we have to collaborate with Ridgeview Mennonite Church to renovate the space that they so graciously share with us! The conviction that stirs my heart is that this can represent a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ working together across denominational, age, and doctrinal barriers to labor together in the harvest fields. And that’s what this is about, is it not? The harvest. I believe that we are not just renovating our building because we want it to look pretty but rather as a physical expression of “aligning our lives for the harvest.” Even as we work to prepare our facility to serve and host God’s people for the next few generations, we also want to work to prepare our hearts to engage in the work of the harvest like never before. I want to invite you to join us in this work! Would you join us with your prayers, your finances, your time, and most of all, with a life laid down at the feet at Jesus?
Yours for the harvest, Steven Fisher

Contribute to the Renovation! 

Renovation Project Overview

  1. Funding Breakdown
  • Total: $62,000 (includes an additional $2k to update Wi-Fi hub and switches.)     
  • Branch Network: $5,000
  • 2021 Savings: $10,000
  • 2022 Budget: $5,000
  • Fundraiser:  $42,000
  1. Duration of Fundraiser
  • October 10, fundraising launch.
  • January 1, fundraising completion goal.


  1. Duration of Renovation Project
  • January 2022 goal for starting the project.
  • April 2022 goal for completing the project.
  • There will be opportunities for volunteer labor at different stages of the project, however, we will have a general contractor manage the renovation and do the majority of the work.


  1. Scope of Renovation Project
  • Ridgeview Library: move to new space in less traveled area and add children’s area.
  • Café space: create kitchen, serving area, and seating area.
  • (2) Family Restrooms: Remove existing west lobby restrooms and create (2) family restrooms.
  • Branch Community Office: Add additional space.
  • Ridgeview Offices: Modify existing office to accommodate café kitchen, new flooring
  • West Lobby: Update flooring, paint, lighting, add accent wall, remove coat rack.
  • Main Lobby: Update flooring, paint, lighting, add accent walls, remove coat rack.
  • Hallway/Stairways: Update flooring.