Community Groups

Why are they important?

We were created for relationship with the Lord and other people. Being in true fellowship with others is essential for our long term spiritual health. While larger corporate gatherings provide a place to encounter the Lord and stay connected as a greater community, it can be challenging to really be known if only attending larger gatherings. A smaller setting allows relationships to be deepened and provides an opportunity to  be truly known while also caring for others on the journey.

What is the overall vision of them?

Provide a place for fellowship and connection to occur which leads to spiritual growth. As a community we are passionate about discipleship and that can only occur when we are in close proximity with each other. Building relationships opens the door to truly care for each other as we journey through life.


Historically, when the church has grown rapidly in seasons of revival the catalyst for growth has been what some refer to as a disciple making movement. The idea is simple: everyone disciples someone. When every believer is both being discipled and making disciples the church is operating in its original DNA; and growth, vitality, and maturity are the results. The framework of Community Groups has been established to empower each participant to be an active disciple maker and to facilitate the continual growth and emergence of leaders. To multiply, is in the DNA of every believer in Christ.

You can join a group today! 

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