Life Groups

 Life Groups

We gather in smaller groups between Ministry Nights. These include Singles, Couples, Diverse (couples and singles), Men’s and Ladies groups.

Why? They provide a place for fellowship and connection to occur which leads to spiritual growth.

When: Each group meets regularly on the day of their choosing. Most groups meet on Wednesday night or the Sunday between Ministry Nights.

Where: Most groups meet in homes or at Ridgeview

How do I sign up? Here is the direct link: Join a Group Today


Why are they important?

  1. Life Groups are the basis for authentic community.

We were created for relationship with the Lord and other people. Being in true fellowship with others is essential for our long term spiritual health. While larger corporate gatherings provide a place to encounter the Lord and stay connected as a greater community, it can be challenging to really be known if only attending larger gatherings. A smaller setting allows relationships to be deepened and provides an opportunity to be truly known while also caring for others on the journey. Life Groups are the basis for authentic community: Life. Together.

  1. Life Groups are the basis for care.

There’s an old saying “sharing is caring”, while this may sound a bit cheesy😊, there’s some gold in that phrase. If you’re moving and you need some help, but no one knows, how can they care? If you just had a baby and a few meals brought to your door would make all the difference, how can the people around you care if they don’t know? Life Groups provide the context within which you can share what is happening in your life – the good, bad, and ugly – and then we as a church can share our hearts, our time, and our resources to help you navigate the seasons of life.

  1. Life Groups play a key role in leadership development.

The reality of a large corporate gathering is that it is fairly limited in terms of leadership opportunities. Typically, you will have a platform upon which several individuals can develop their gifting. While this can still be very healthy it is not all the church could or should be. The framework of Life Groups has been established to empower each participant to be an active disciple maker and to facilitate the continual growth and emergence of leaders.

  1. Life Groups play a key role in discipleship.

Historically, when the church has grown rapidly in seasons of revival the catalyst for growth has been what some refer to as a disciple making movement. The idea is simple: everyone disciples someone. When every believer is both being discipled and making disciples the church is operating in its original DNA; and growth, vitality, and maturity are the results. The framework of Life Groups has been established to foster and sustain a disciple making movement.

  1. Life Groups play a key role in community outreach.

The reality is that there are many thousands of people in Lancaster alone who are longing for real human connection and heart level interaction. Our hyper-connected, media driven, virtualized world leaves many with a deep hunger for authenticity and depth while only being able to function relationally at a surface level. We can provide them, in the name of Jesus, with more than that. We can reach out and invite them into our homes. We can share our lives with them and give them a safe space to learn and grow. We can help bridge the gap between a life of isolation and a life lived in authentic Christ-centered community. The framework of Life Groups has been established to empower each participant to reach out and extend intentional invitations to the people around them.

  1. Growth and Development.

The vision is to have everyone in Branch Community participating in a Life Group. (10-12 people per group) We’re not interested in being a church of 400 with ten Life Groups, rather we would want Life Groups to be the engine of church growth so that as people engage and connect with us they are experiencing and contributing to authentic community.

You can join or start a group today! 

Simply click the link below and you will be directed to a page with a listing of all our active groups and details about each group. You can join a group or simply browse if you want to find out more.

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